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Monitoring recommendations for FARYDAK® regimen

Each individual undergoing treatment should be closely monitored to help mitigate potential adverse events that could disrupt treatment. The guidelines below are not meant to take the place of physician treatment protocol or clinical experience.

FARYDAK® (panobinostat) is administered in combination with bortezomib (BTZ) and dexamethasone (dex). Perform blood and electrocardiograph (ECG) tests prior to starting FARYDAK and during treatment.1 Please consult the Summary of Product Characteristics for BTZ and dex prior to starting or modifying combination therapy.


  • For patients >65 years of age, monitoring is recommended more frequently, especially for thrombocytopenia and gastrointestinal toxicity
  • For patients >75 years of age, depending on the patient’s general condition and concomitant diseases, an adjustment of the starting doses or schedule of the components of the combination regimen may be considered 


  1. FARYDAK® (panobinostat): EU Summary of Product Characteristics. Secura Bio Limited; November 2019.

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